Pure C


Pure C

Pure C, a restaurant with the touch, flair and style of chef Sergio Herman and is located on the second floor of the hotel. It’s accessible to a wide audience and exceptionally situated in the dunes of Cadzand-Bad with stunning views over the sea, beach and dunes.

Pure C is open for dinner from Wednesday until Sunday and for lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Chef Syrco Bakker has worked for years besides Sergio Herman in the kitchen of Oud Sluis. Syrco and his team will deliver an unforgettable afternoon or evening in Pure C.

"After Sergio and I tasted everything very thoroughly, the dishes with my signature will be put on the menu. I hope I can surprise you with all the flavours and that you can appreciate my work. By demand of our guests we provide the possibility to expand the Menu Nature (5 courses) to the Pure C Menu (7 courses). This menu is for the guest who wants to go for the ‘full Experience’. With our biggest menu we treat you with 5 starters before the fish course then followed by a meat dish and a fresh and tasty dessert. The ‘Full Experience’ Pure-C menu brings you the best from this season, the best from Zeeland and the best from myself.”

Syrco Bakker